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Amy's grandparents had two children. One inherited the HD gene (her father) and the other did not (her uncle). Amy's parents have six children. Three inherited the HD gene (Amy, a younger sister, and a younger brother) and three did not (her older brother, a younger brother, and a younger sister). Amy and I have five children (Rebecca, Craig, Trevor, Andrew, and Hannah)—none of which has been tested for the HD gene.

Huntington's Disease was not known in Amy's family until her father was diagnosed with the disease in 1995. Until that time, what we knew of Amy's paternal grandmother was that she had been institutionalized as a chronic alcoholic when Amy's father was approximately 8 years old. Amy's grandfather then divorced her and years later she died. After Amy's father was diagnosed with HD, her uncle told me that his mother had been taken from their home in a straight-jacket when he and his older brother were little. Either HD was misdiagnosed or this information was withheld from the family by Amy's grandfather. Unfortunately, the medical records are sealed and Court intervention would be required to have them opened.