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Experiences of others...
It takes a special kind of courage to share the tragedy of Huntington's Disease with others. May God be with these individuals as well as the hundreds of thousands of others who live the nightmare of HD.

Carmen Leal-Pock... "I will never forget the moment I
        first heard the words, 'Huntington’s Disease'..."

Christine Patemoster... "I can scarcely remember the
        years gone by when I first heard of HD..."

Chuck Young... "All my life I have been the strong
        one. I’m from Texas and Texan men never cry..."

Jean Miller... "Kelly...was a very normal, intelligent
        and beautiful child. With an IQ of 156, she..."

Kym Nicholson... "Christopher Dougles Youngblood
        was to be my awakening. I was very young..."

Louise Wilkinson... "As a young girl, my grandfather
        used to scare me when he drove us around..."

Mark D... "I was about twelve when my mother, who
        had been divorced for a number of years, found..."

Pat Pillis... "My inability to have a child had left me
        feeling somehow empty..."

Ray... "Huntington's Disease runs very near 100% in
        my family from the maternal side..."

Ruth Hargrave... "Life has not gone the way I
        dreamed it would when Bill and I married..."

Shana Martin... "Huntington’s Disease has been a
       major part of my life, all of my life..."

Sherry Lee... "I was at-risk and in my teen years
        made a decision to have children early in life..."

Susan Garrett... "When I tell people I have tested
        positive for the Huntington’s gene..."

Tom Gillihan... "Helen and I first met in the spring of
        1975 when we were eighteen and sixteen..."