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HD Information...
  Facing Huntington's Disease
  HDAC—Huntington's Disease Advocacy Center
  HD Lighthouse
  HOPES—Huntington's Outreach Project...
  HSG—Huntington Study Group
  Neurology Channel—Huntington's Disease

HD Organizations & International Links...
  Associazione Italiana Corea di Huntington
  Australian Huntington's Disease Association
  Corea de Huntington (España)
  Deutsche Huntington Hilfe
  Huntington Society of Canada
  Huntington's Disease Association (U.K.)
  Huntington's Disease Association of Ireland
  Huntington's Disease in New Zealand
  Huntington's Disease Society of America (USA)
  Int'l Huntington Association (Netherlands)
  Japan Huntington's Disease Network

HD Foundations...
  CureHD Foundation
  Hereditary Disease Foundation