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Make sure 100% goes to HD research...
CureHD Foundation is a non-profit organization but does not accept donations directly. However, we'll help you send your donations to support tax-deductible HD specific research efforts in the United States (such as HDF's "Cure HD Initiative" and  HDSA's "Coalition for the Cure") as well as other relevant research efforts world-wide. Our goal is to ensure that 100% of donated funds are used for HD research (and not administrative costs, etc.).

Help us reach others...
Perhaps equally important, please help us reach others who are uniquely suited to helping fund a cure for this terrible disease. Given the destructive nature of HD and the way it so unmercifully attacks its victims, you have a wonderful opportunity to substantially bless the lives of so many others.

To make a contribution to support HD research or to find out what you can do to help, contact:

CureHD Foundation
Tel: 1-801-428-3646 (voice mail)
Email: donations@curehd.org