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HDthe worst of the worst?
If you set out to engineer the disease which would deliver the maximum amount of suffering, what would it be like?
  • Would it be viral or genetic?

HD is genetic and has a 50% carryover from parent to child.

  • Would it affect the mind, the body, or both?

HD affects both the mind and body.

  • Would it be short or long-term?

HD causes death an average of 16 years after onset.

  • Would the disease attack children, the middle-aged, or the elderly?

At first thought you might respond by saying "children." It's always so tragic when a child is involved. Remember, however, that you're goal is "maximum suffering." Which would cause more suffering, attacking a child or waiting until that child had children of his/her own which you could also attack? The average age of onset for HD is after the child-bearing years.