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HD research efforts in North America...
The Hereditary Disease Foundation (or HDF) funds several HD related research programs including the "Cure HD Initiative." HDF was responsible for funding the research team that found the HD gene! All individual donations sent to HDF are used for HD research (i.e., non-research related expenses are not taken from general donations).

Another national organization, the Huntington's Disease Society of America (or HDSA), was started by the widow of Woody Guthrie (the folk singer who died of complications due to HD). HDSA has created a coalition of top medical scientists from around the world in an effort to break down the walls of "secrecy" in traditional medical research (a faster path to find a cure). The Coalition for the Cure gets together semiannually to share information about what each researcher is doing. All individual donations sent to HDSA should be earmarked for HD research only (since HDSA also funds care and keeping initiatives as well as administrative costs from general donations).